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S2, Ep 04
"Paws & Rewind"


The Pluto crew discovers Pepper's simulation.

S2, Ep 04
"Paws & Rewind"


The terrator awakens and corners the Pluto crew.

S1, Ep 08
"Watch Me"

Chonies fights in the 14th Dog-Annual Mech Wars.

S1, Ep 05
"Settle Down"

Stella discovers her crewmates have transformed into puppies!

S2, Ep 07
"Freeze Out"

Happy and Garbage bicker while on a rescue mission.

S1, Ep 20
"The Legend of the Power Gems:

Chapter Three"

'The Chosen One' faces off against the Wind Guardian.

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"Santiago of the Seas" logo

S1, Ep 13b
"The Sea Dragon's Treasure"

Santiago and Lorelai try to recover a golden egg from Enrique.

S1, Ep 20a
"Deep Freeze"

Santiago and the crew chase after Escarlata.

S1, Ep 13b
"The Sea Dragon's Treasure"

The sea dragon and her baby are reunited.

Personal Projects

"First Kiss"

3 kids make a new friend outside the park.

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