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Megan drawing at her desk while her cat creeps up on her
Megan's cat jumps onto her desk, blocking her from working
Megan has no choice but to give her cat pets, just as he planned


Megan Ruiz G. is a Los Angeles-based storyboard artist, sound editor & designer, and resident purple lady (a true triple threat).

She's currently wrapping up storyboarding on a series at Nickelodeon Animation Studios, and looking for work.


For work/freelance inquiries, email 

Her professional storyboard work has run the gamut of genres: from animated comedies, to action adventures, to live-action thrillers. Past studios she's worked at include DreamWorks TV Animation, Atomic Cartoons, and Surfer Jack.


Megan has worked on an extensive list of projects as a sound editor, designer (and all-around sound guy) as well. This includes work for The New York Times, Issa Rae Productions, a shipped video game, and over a dozen live-action and animated short films.

When she's not busy drawing storyboards or doing sound stuff, she's singing karaoke, taking on yet another crafting/home improvement project, and spoiling her cat positively rotten.

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